Sunday, September 5, 2021

And the Summer Reading Challenge winners are...


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And that's a wrap on the hearth/myth 2021 Summer Reading Challenge. Thanks to all who entered, and congrats to the rest of you who found new books to read by consulting our curated list. 

The grand prize winner of a signed copy of The Payoff is Tom Dent. The winners of the Pipe Woman Chronicles mugs, in no particular order, are: Tabitha Ormiston-Smith, Meredith Townsend DeVoe, Smoky Zeidel, Melody Stiles, and Vickie Koehler Averhoff. Congrats! I'll be contacting each of you to get details on how to get your prize to you.

That contest took a very long time from start to finish. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there.

As for my total? 72 books. I wouldn't have won my own contest! I knew I should have tried harder...


So I've just tonight uploaded the final few episodes of The Atherton Vampire 2: Out of the Coffin. They will be dropping on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Kindle Vella through October 22nd. 

In addition, every episode of the first Atherton Vampire novella is available on Kindle Vella right now.

I'll be releasing them both next month as regular Kindle ebooks, in time for your Halloween reading pleasure. There will be at least one more Atherton Vampire book -- book 2 ends on a sort of cliffhanger and I am going to have to resolve that if I want to sleep at night. Details on all of that, including preorder info, will be coming shortly. Stay tuned, as they say on TV.


That's it for tonight. I have other stuff to say, but it's too serious in tone for this particular post.

Besides, I've been at the computer for hours and I need to go hang out with my new kitty, Tigger, who I adopted from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter just yesterday. Here he is, a little high on catnip. No doubt you'll be seeing more of him in the weeks to come. 

Lynne Cantwell 2021


These moments of winning blogginess have been brought to you, as a public service, by Lynne Cantwell. Get vaxxed!

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Lynne Cantwell said...

Hugs back, Jo! Thanks for stopping by!

It has been a long 20 years for me since 9/11. My youngest daughter wasn't even in high school then; now both of them are in their 30s. :D I hope our country has learned from everything we've gone through since then, but I'm not sure we have.

Thanks for the kind words about the new apartment! I've posted some photos on Facebook but it's probably time for an update, since I have everything in place now. Other than the patio, which will be a work in progress for the next year, probably. Like I need another hobby, right?

Tigger is starting to acquire nicknames. One friend has dubbed him the Tiggenator, which suits him almost better than his real name. :D