Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy "Seized" Monday! Happy Midsummer!

I am happy to announce that Seized is now available on Smashwords!  Following a successful run as a Kindle-only e-book, I uploaded the book to and it's available there today.  The even better news is that with this coupon code -- QF73A -- you can get Seized in all of the formats Smashwords supports (which is, well, all of them) for 99 cents. 

The coupon will be good all week (expires 6/25/12).  Think of it as a Midsummer gift.  (The solstice is Wednesday at 6:08pm eastern time, or 11:08pm UTC.)  Or a Midwinter gift, I guess, if you're in the southern hemisphere.

I'm also in the process of publishing a separate NOOK edition of Seized.  It should be available in a day or two, and I promise to tweet as soon as it's for sale in the NOOK Store.  However, you won't be able to use the Smashwords coupon at the NOOK Store, and Smashwords does offer the book in .epub format, which you can then sideload to your NOOK.  Sideloading is not hard (happy to advise -- just post a comment), but it's not the most seamless process in the world.  So you may want to wait for the NOOK edition.  Up to you.

In other Pipe Woman Chronicles-related news, editing on Fissured is progressing nicely.  And I spent part of the weekend drafting a rough outline for the third book, which looks like it will be titled Tapped.  No publication date yet for that one, but I expect it will be next spring.

I had a rant all ready for this week's post, but time got away from me yesterday.  I spent the afternoon on a project that will likely fuel my knitting obsession -- I attended a class in which we made dress forms for ourselves out of t-shirts and duct tape, then stuffed the result with newspaper.  There's now a mini-me (well, in my case it's a maxi-me) sitting on my living room floor.  Not only will it allow for better fitting of my knitted garments, but I expect to get a fair amount of use out of it for blocking (i.e., wetting and then shaping to fit) my finished projects.

I may yet post that rant this week.  Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

Great idea on the dress forms. I'll have to try that, since I'm too cheap to buy one. Hi from IU. -Krista

Lynne Cantwell said...

Hi back, Krista! Let me know if you need directions for the dress form. Happy to share. :)

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Shira Avram!

Lynne Cantwell said...

Hi Shira! Thanks for stopping by!