Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog tour wrapup, and superpowers.

I'm home now from my two-week run of blog tours (and boy, are my fingers tired, oh haha).  Thanks again to Goddess Fish Promotions for setting everything up, and a really special thanks to all the nice people who handed their blogs over to me for the day.

Congrats to Marybelle, who won the $10 Amazon gift card from this week's tour.  Enjoy!

For anyone who has wandered to my corner of teh intarwebz lately, whether from the tour or not -- welcome!  I hope I don't bore you silly.

So...during the two weeks of touring, six bloggers reviewed Seized.  Five of them gave the book 4 stars (well, in one case, it was 4 coffee mugs), and one gave it 3.5 stars -- for an average rating of 3.9167.  (The 6 repeats to infinity, so I rounded it off to save space. ;) )  Whoo hoo!  Nobody said it sucked!  (I'll admit I had a dream one night about that....)  Lots of people commented on the cool cover; I have to say that I'm partial to that owl myself, and rest assured that other fractal animals will adorn the upcoming books.

On Thursday at Reading Reality, we got into a discussion about Naomi's "gift" from the goddess.  It's not a spoiler to tell you that White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman boosts Naomi's innate ability to get people to see things her way.  If Naomi phrases something as a command, the person to whom she's directing the command does it.

Sounds like a great superpower, huh?  Just think:  you could move to the head of every queue ever; you could talk your way out of any traffic ticket; you could get your boss to pay you exactly what you think you're worth (at least six figures! maybe seven!); you could get your teenager to cut the grass without complaint -- every time.  But Naomi realizes, early on, the drawback to such a power.  For one thing, you have to police everything you say. The first time she realizes she's got a problem is when she accidentally sends another driver out into oncoming traffic.  For another, just because you wish for something doesn't mean it would be good for you to get it.

And too, it's not the sort of power you would want just anybody to have.  What if the goddess had made a mistake and granted the power to someone who would take advantage of it?  What if that person used the power to (dramatic pause) turn to a life of crime?

I dunno.  I think extra-persuasive power is pretty far down on my list of Superpowers I Would Want to Have.  Admittedly it's a short list to begin with, although I wouldn't mind being able to eat anything I wanted without gaining weight.  A magically replenishing checking account would be okay, too, I think.  But all those Marvel Comics-type powers?  Thanks, but no.  They just seem to get people into trouble.

Comments?  What would you do if you had Naomi's ability?  What superpower would you rather have instead?  Operators are standing by....

Oh, happy Memorial Day to my U.S. readers.  And a shout-out to all the veterans, and to our troops still fighting and dying for us around the world.


Anonymous said...

"I'm home now from my two-week run of blog tours (and boy, are my fingers tired, oh haha)."?

Just wanted to let you know you got a chuckle out of someone...


Anonymous said...

Okay, now I read your WHOLE blog post and.... that is such a great question!!!!!!

I actually thought of asking a question like that on my Facebook a few months ago!!! (my child has the whole "already high innate ability" like I guess the character starts out with)

I second your "MUST EXERCISE RESTRAINT" cautions!!!

I would would use it to promote a vision for how to build a community's sub-culture... (a school's, a classroom's, a church's)

I think almost everything that would come out of my mouth would have to be questions though, not commands!!


Lynne Cantwell said...

Bless you for replying, Linna! Every now and then, I have a bad feeling that I'm talking to myself here, lol.

Let's see, then -- your superpower could be to get helpful answers to every question you ask. Hmm, but you might get some answers that are helpful, but not what you want to hear.... See how hard this is? ;)