Pipe Woman Chronicles Timeline

The Pipe Woman Chronicles universe is getting big enough that anyone who wants to read the books in chronological-by-the-series-timeline order might appreciate a list. And in fact, a couple of people have asked for one. So here you go (complete with links to each book's listing at Amazon):

"A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do" -- A short story featuring Joseph and George. Originally published in 13 Bites Vol. I and now available at Wattpad for free.

(The five books above are collected in the Pipe Woman Chronicles Omnibus.)

Where Were You When: An Anthology -- Three short stories that tell where Tess, Sue, and Darrell were on the day of the Second Coming. These stories are meant as a bridge between the first series and the Land, Sea, Sky books.

(The three books directly above are collected in the Land Sea Sky Trilogy.)

"Our Monsters are More Subtle" -- A short story featuring Tess and Darrell, set not long after the end of Scorched Earth. Available at Wattpad for free.

...and Book Four, when I finish writing it.

Finally, the official guide to the gods in all the books: A Billion Gods and Goddesses: The Mythology Behind the Pipe Woman Chronicles.

Happy reading!
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